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Sebastian G. Aka GAG BALL


Chilean documentary maker. Since 2006 he has produced a body of work in photography and video, guided by his obsession of apprehending the rawness of sex: when the body forgets the camera and becomes real, it expresses the drama of encountering with someone else. He has portrayed various body types in their everyday habitats, seeking to capture the desire in the pulse of the flesh and the intimate objects that accompany it. With these elements he has built the first latin gay-archive of male intimacy, documenting the sexuality of the new chilean queer generation in the 21st century like a life-diary.


Since 2018 part of his large archive is part of the private art collections

He is currently working on his new solo exhibition, Mirror Touch.






Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lives and works in Santiago, Chile and now is represented by Renata Meza, Berlin, Germany.



Solo Exhibitions


2016     HDA / Galería AFA, Santiago - Chile.

2017     Love Song / Yael Rosenblut At Scope, New York - EE.UU

2017     Video Installation II / Yael Rosenblut At Galería CIMA, Santiago - Chile.

2018     Flesh and Bone / Galería Drugstore, Santiago - Chile.

2020     Mirror Touch / THE CAN ART GALLERY, Napier - New Zealand. (the exhibition has been rescheduled because of Covid-19 ) 


Selected Group Exhibition


2015     Up & Coming / Feelmore Gallery, California - EE.UU.

2017     Diary: Love & Flowers 2009 - 2016 / Yael Rosenblut At BAphoto - La Rural, Buenos Aires - Argentina

2017     ART for ART / Galería AFA, Santiago - Chile.

2018     LS / Video Installation II / Gallery Weekend, Santiago - Chile

2018     Mutaciones De Lo Erótico “festival internacional de las artes eróticas” / L.L Gallery ART, Medellin - Colombia.

2019     MESTIZX / Picture Room Gallery. New York - EE.UU.

2019     Encuentro / Galería Montegrande, Santiago - Chile.

2019     Les Cuerpes / MNQ Art Group, Santiago - Chile

2019    Developing a Photografic PracticeBalam / International Center of Photography, New York - EE.UU.




Video Art & Performance


2016     HDA Archive Video / Magnetic Hi8 Tape.

2017     Love Song II Archives / Magnetic Hi8 Tape.

2018     Man with A Balloon - Fetish / Magnetic Hi8 Tape.




Public Talks, Panels & Juries


2017     Guided Talk / Sala K for "AMOR" Festival. Santiago - Chile

2017     Conservatory About Sexuality / Diago Portales University, UDP Law School. Santiago - Chile

2017     Jury AMOR Festival / Santiago - Chile.

2018     Talk about "GagBall" archive / University of Concepción, Faculty of Anthropology. Concepción - Chile     







2011     Butt Magazine.

2011     Gorgeous Daily.

2012     Butt Magazine.

2013     Conjuntion Issue #4.

2013     The Piss Book.

2014     Le Gros Monsieur. 

2015     Up & Coming #1.

2016     Facts, Issue 7.

2016     Atlas

2016     Mor.Bo

2016     NewsPaper Vol V. No 1

2020     Risk Magazine.

2020     Balam #6 Mestizx

2020     Libération Fr.

2021     Balam #7 Fantasía

2021     Marginal N2




Art Commissions / Special Collaboration



2012     Pola thomson Campaing No. 6

2015     NY Art Book Fair / Special Collaboration to Cock Au Soleil No.3 by Vincent Passerat.

2015     A de Antonio Campaing No. 11

2015     Milk Fest / Special Collaboration to Camilo Delgado.

2015     Studio Visit / Photography and Art Direction, Special Collaboration to The YouthQuake,

2015     Heart / Photography and Art Direction, Special Collaboration to Tropic,

2015     Elandh, Ficción LP / Photography and Creative Art Direction

2015     Locas Perdidas, Ignacio Juricic / Promotional Photography and Creative Art Direction to Festival de Cannes

2016     NewsPaper Vol V. No. 1 / A Revival Of Steve Lawrence´s " Newspaper " From 1969. published by Marcelo Yáñez

2016     Morbo "Cover" Issue No.1 / Photography and Art Direction, Special Commissions to,

2016     Dual - Cinesis / Photography and Creative Art Direction, Special Collaboration to Galio,

2017     Formato / Photography and Creative Art Direction, Special Collaboration to Neo2,

2017     Cazeria Cazador Records, LP V/A Vol. 1 / Photography and Creative Art Direction.

2018     Bárbara Piffre Art Campaing / Creative Art Direction,

2018     Enigma / Casting Photography, Special Collaboration to Ignacio Juricic.

2019     Cualquiera Puede Ser un Raro / Promotional Photography and Creative Art Direction.






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